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Can Anyone Share Their PDF Of Dc Pandey’s Rotational Mechanics Theory?

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Can Anyone Share Their PDF Of Dc Pandey’s Rotational Mechanics Theory?

No, it doesn’t make sense. Especially for a book like DC Pandey. I have lots of grudges (justified) with that book. It pays very little attention to the concepts. Each topic is followed by a formula which kind of summarizes how to ‘calculate’ the physical quantity discussed in that section. It feels kind of good to have hands-on formulae for everything and might help you to perform well in a couple of Review Tests, but it’s not something that leads to good results in the long term. Depending on the topics you have mentioned, I assume you have completed your class 11 syllabus. For the purpose of revision, I advise you to pick up your coaching’s DPPs and solve the questions which you were not able to solve in the first time. Practicing questions is the best way to revise a concept. If you feel a little murky on any topic, use your class notes and books like HCV and Resnick to revise. If you are still not able to crack some questions, ask your friends or go to the doubt clearing faculty of your coaching. The way of revision I have mentioned might seem to be much more time consuming and hard. But it works. Studying DC Pandey is a good shortcut to crack JEE Mains type questions. Sadly for JEE Advanced, there is no easy way out. Good luck .)

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