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How Can I Rotate My Signature In Preview So It Doesnt Display?

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How Can I Rotate My Signature In Preview So It Doesnt Display?

Yeah it can be misused but which shall rarely happen. Only people who knows you and your documentation ( for which you use digital signature ) can misuse. But there is NO BIG deal in it. If someone receives a document which is signed by ‘your’ digital signature, first you can refuse that orally or in written communication with them by providing the copy of FIR ( as I mentioned in my earlier answer ). The immediate person will discard that document and wont be using for intended purpose .) Its like cheque. You can give it to anyone but you ‘can’ refuse for payment against it in certain conditions! PLEASE NOTE - Your digital kay is your authorization. You must protect it with your life!

Rotate PDF: All You Need to Know

Do not give out your digital signature in a paper. You cannot check if it's a good one for any purpose. (I cannot check if there is not a bad one, for example. And if someone has bad and forged it on paper, my life is in danger!) The paper signed can only be checked by your family, the authorities and also the police. (And again, you must protect with your life! ) You don't have to sign any documents which have any mistake on it. What's written is written, we need to have a copy of it? Why did you not ask for a copy? (Or just provide the digital signature instead.) I am not going to talk about other types of document you can write in (as the purpose of this answer is not to give examples about digital signature). But, in case you don't know more.

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