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How Can You Rotate Individual Pages Of A PDF 180 Degrees?

There are numerous methods to split PDFs by using free software online. However, there would be security issues if there is confidential information. Here I introduce 3 different tools to split PDF. Solution 1. Split PDF with PDFelement Open the program - Go to “Page” - Click the “Split” You will be able to split the PDF document. A new window appears you can select the number of pages or top-level bookmarks to split. Afterwards, the new PDF files saved in the output folder. Solution 2. Split the PDF with Google Chrome Open the file you want to split in Google Chrome - Click the “Print” button on the top right corner. Then “Save as PDF” and enter the number of pages required for the new document. This solution might be costing time because you need to print and save many times if you want to split a very large PDF. Solution 3. Split PDF with online PDF tools without installing any desktop software such as But the internet connection is required.

Rotate PDF: All You Need to Know

Now open an internet browser and go to “Google”/ Google Drive” — Click the download” button to download your favorite online PDF tool. Afterwards click the download PDF” button. Download PDF Split” PDF tool and run. Afterwards click start” and all the new PDF files are saved in another folder. Conclusion. It is worth to split any text document into PDF from Google Chrome in order to keep confidential information in the saved PDF.

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