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How Do I Rotate Bulk Scanned PDF Copies?

You can use Soda PDF to create a PDF file directly from your scanner. The app will connect to your scanner and allow you to create a PDF from one or more files. This knowledge base article will explain how in full. The best part about using Soda PDF is that you can run the OCR (optical character recognition) engine during the scan. This means you will be able to edit the text in that PDF after it has been created. Creating the PDF from your scanner is completely free, but the OCR engine is a premium feature.

Rotate PDF: All You Need to Know

Soda PDF is a very small and lightweight application that lets you scan and print PDF documents from your scanner. It is available for Windows and Mac as well as for Linux. The app is available for free as part of the open source project Snag It. If you want to install Soda PDF, visit and get it on your computer. Of the following steps: To create PDF text from scanners that use the OCR system: Download and install Soda PDF On your computer, start Soda PDF. Using the scanner, select which text to scan and which file to add to the scan. On the scanner dialog, click Scan Text. The app will automatically connect directly to the scanned file and OCR it into a text file. Using the scanning tool, you can also edit selected text in the PDF file that has been Oared.

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