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How Does Leg Pumping Work When Swinging?

The child can swing by either being pushed or someone pushing him/her while on the swing. In order to swing effectively, the principle of resonance must be addressed. This means that the swing is pushed in such a way that it contributes to the amplitude, or height of the swing, at the current swing’s angular frequency. This is known as constructive interference. You can think of angular frequency in regard to a grandfather clock or some other type of pendulum. If you do not match the motion of the swing when you push it however, you will cause destructive interference which disrupts the swing’s momentum and could bring it to a stop. The best place to push for the child would be in the direction of the swing’s motion at the exact moment that it completes one cycle of motion. This is usually taken to be when the child and swing are closest to the ground because it is easier to get traction with their shoes, assuming the soles can get much traction. Also, the swing’s velocity at the lowest point should usually be almost parallel with the ground below it. **Sorry, I’m not sure which comment you are referring to so I may not have addressed that part properly. Feel free to add a comment with this answer and I will try addressing it. Thanks for the Rotate Pdf Online .

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