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How Lazy Are You?

Sometimes I feel like a very lazy person. At times I'm ashamed of it. At other times I am proud of it. The hardest hurdle for me is taking initiative. Once I'm started I will work very diligently to succeed. There are different levels and types of laziness. A person might roll through life trying to expend the least amount of effort while still getting rewarded. Some people will call this lazy but in fact all creatures will follow the path of least resistance. Even a lion targets the sick, weak, incapable and very young for its food. Our modern world removes menial aspects of our life at an accelerating pace. If someone just 200 years ago or about eight generations ago were to look at us today, t would surely consider most of us who live in modern countries lazy by their standards. We do not grow our own food. We do not hunt kill and dress our meat. We have machines that clean our dishes and clothes. Clean water automatically comes to us, not the other way around. Think of what electricity has done for us today...its mind blowing. We can zip around our world relatively quickly because of cars and planes. Soon we will have cars that will automatically drive us around (don't tell me that can't be described as lazy) We are spoon fed information from many different resources. It used to be a luxury to go to school and have libraries. Now we have endless information available to us right at our finger tips, while most kids dread going to school. Laziness is a relative description. Like it or not but in our world today you can be lazier than ever before and, live an OK life. One of the hallmarks of a great invention is that it makes life easier. If you are increasing efficiency you are making something easier. Have you ever heard the adage "work smarter not harder"? It is my opinion that a decent dose of laziness spurs on advancement and invention. We are always looking for short cuts as a species, and we will continue to look for them until we go extinct. People may not admit their laziness. T may even be ashamed by it. But the fact is that we are a product of it. We are a product of avoiding monotony and hard work. As a species we work very hard at doing as little as possible. Laziness does serve some good. I would say you should try not to abuse it. You may be lazy and not even know it. It depends on the scale and it is all relative.

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