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What Are Some Time Saving Tips That Every Linux User Should Know?

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What Are Some Time Saving Tips That Every Linux User Should Know?

You didn't specify your proficiency in linux ,I'm assuming that you have some experience with linux shell. 1. Command. Customizing shell is fun!, some of the them are. * changing the bash prompt Bash Shell PS1. 10 Examples to Make Your Linux Prompt like Angelina Jolie * kill command when you can't close a window(of an application) in gui mode .P{ might be chrome, firefox or gedit etc, etc,.} find its pid by running ps aux | grep "name of the application that's crashed or freezed" and then kill it with "kill" command Or use killall command .) * Manual pages and Info Pages and apropos command. 2.Small Utility You asked for small utility, for i am generous I'm giving you this Xtreme Download Manager { It's Internet Download Manager alternative!, super cool application! } 3.A very good tool which can be used for daily work purpose As you are a student, I suggest Artha - Offline dictionary and thesauraus Tomboy - stick notes Ubuntu Tweak or MyUnity - Ubuntu Tweaking Tools Synaptic Package Manager - Coz, Ubuntu Software Center sucks, really! 4. Fun command/ trick Lynx -- Command line Browser ls type these in order aptitude moo aptitude -v moo aptitude -v -v moo aptitude -v -v -v moo aptitude -v -v -v -v moo aptitude -v -v -v -v -v moo aptitude -v -v -v -v -v -v moo { I presume you already have aptitude on your Ubuntu .P } 5. Shortcuts Press and hold Window Key { Super Key } till it shows you all available keyboard shortcuts. 6. Hacking related anything Vim .D

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P} Harvesting Command in OS — How to Do It, VIM: How to Do It, I suggest doing not all at once! I also recommend to look at Linux Hacking, this is very much a big project which has a lot of users in Linux, so the users who do not use VIM or any other editing software can start to explore the use of Linux Hacking Tools. (You must see the pictures first. I'm sorry for all the pictures, I couldn't find a convenient way of taking them, my Internet connection is unreliable. I'm looking for a way to take better pictures, but I've had trouble finding such tool. But please do follow if you're interested in Linux Hacking, then I'll help you out.) 7. You need a Linux to do these, if you don't have a Linux, you have trouble in using Linux Hacking Tools, the reason and how to fix.

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