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What Is An Example Of An Android PDF Reader With Text Reflow?

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What Is An Example Of An Android PDF Reader With Text Reflow?

There is only one app which can do it, the Repligo reader. Moon reader, WPS office, etc etc cannot highlight text in reflow mode.

Rotate PDF: All You Need to Know

Even when I run it via a VM as the server, the highlighted text are still the same in the editor (even though the reflow/rewind has been cleared). After testing, the following fixes is recommended by the official forum: — Add reflow mode back to View mode for the app-wide View modes. — Add the option which will reset the reflow state for a View mode so that the highlighted text will not change depending on the text that is being highlighted. — Do not clear the reflow state from the View mode if the text is not highlighted. — Add the ability to highlight text and the ability to change its reflow state by raindrop from a non-viewer. — Add the ability to change reflow state via click events, such as when the selected text is hit.

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