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Where Do I Find The Quantum Mechanics Notes By Prof?

To stay sane? (cf. Are there physicists who have gone mad studying quantum mechanics?) From the shifting historical records of George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" and Philip K. Dick’s alternate history novel “The Man in the High Castle” to contemporary "post-truth politics", any narrative that messes with our conception of truth and reality is disturbing. By contrast, mathematical physics yields, we hope, timeless truth. Yet what if the superposition principle of QM never breaks down? Ever fewer physicists expect that future experiment will detect the slightest collapse-like deviation from the unitary Schrödinger dynamics. "Dynamical collapse" theorists like Roger Penrose are out on a limb. Penrose is explicit. the alternative to an objective collapse modification of the unitary dynamics is Everettian QM and the decoherence program (cf. https.// ). According to the unitary-only dynamics, there are googols of quasi-classical Everett branches of the universal wavefunction where a Donald Trump did win the popular vote, where an Adolf Hitler triumphed in WW2, where non-avian dinosaurs roam, where your doppelgängers languish in jail and count their lottery winnings, where life is heaven and where life is hell, and vastly more surreal realities besides – all placed on a mathematically rigorous footing. "Craziness" can't be quarantined. Are there branches where maverick physicists have been able to “rebuild quantum theory from scratch”? I’m pessimistic; I’d be overjoyed to be mistaken.

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Now here is where you come in... The good people here on Reddit, and at the school I am teaching at have made a fund that will get the word out about learning quantum physics. I want to start with a 10 donation to that fund, which will get the word out more. As someone who has no physics background, I'll provide most of the content, and help curate things I like to read. Once we get enough to really start getting traction I want to offer weekly sessions on a variety of different topics. We will be doing video lessons on Quantum Physics, Quantum Computing, Quantum Entanglement & Quantum Computing. Each one will offer a free video, a PDF for immediate download for everyone who does attend, and a book to help them learn the materials. (Yes, we want to make books!) The book will be self-contained, no need for prerequisites, but will also have.

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